Free radio play scripts

Yes, I see the irony. Or, in many instances, I'm playing a game on my phone or tablet while listening to these shows at the same time. Because you're using your imagination to "see" the characters, environments and actions, these shows feel wonderfully intimate and personal.

Just like other media, there are different genres for different tastes. Comedy fans, for example, might prefer to hear the likes of Jack Benny and Abbott and Costello, while those who prefer science fiction would likely get a kick out of X Minus One or Orson Welles' in famous War of the Worlds broadcast. Me, personally? I love the horror, suspense and sci-fi stuff. Survived by the Internet and MP3 files, most of these radio shows — which were popular before television took off in the s — still hold up well in the 21st century.

Because the copyrights expired for most of these shows, you can download and listen to them for free. Or for complete collections, you can buy them on disc or hard drive.

However you acquire them, you can fill up your device with downloaded OTR or stream away. Web sites, satellite radio : Archive. Shows can be searched by name or browsed by average review rating, number of downloads, number of reviews or recent additions. Also bookmark RelicRadio. Podcasts, apps : There are many dozens of free OTR podcasts to subscribe to.

Most are divided into genre, such as The Horror! Lone Ranger or The Shadow. Be sure to check out the Relic Radio podcasts; they're all free but the narrator -- who introduces each segment with a bit of historical information -- usually asks for a small donation at the end of the episode. A number of apps are also devoted to OTR, some of which let you stream shows while others have a download option. Buy on hard drive, disc : If you have a lousy Internet connection, want complete collections, or can't be bothered with finding and downloading episodes online, you can always buy OTR and have it shipped to your door.

Surf Report readers, do you ever listen to OTR? If so, how do you acquire them in the digital age?FinalRune Productions is proud to offer all most of our field-recorded radio drama stories as free MP3 downloads. Enjoy post apocalyptic science-fiction, mystery, drama, chilling bone-crunching horror, retellings of classic tales and fantasy stories beyond description all gratuit.

If you like what you hear, you can consider making a donation, or, even better, tell a friend! In the spirit of Mayan folklore, a twelve-year old Belizean girl accidentally invokes the evil spirit of an ancient enemy that threatens to consume the rainforest. With the help of her ancient ancestors, her sister, and her new friend, a foot boa….

Three men who tend the light at a reclusive island off the coast of French Guiana see a rogue ship adrift in the Atlantic. A bedridden neurotic woman dials a number and is accidentally connected to a call between two men who are plotting a murder.

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She becomes increasingly frantic as no one takes her fright seriously and time begins to run out. Wealthy big-game hunter Sanger Rainsford falls off his boat in the middle of the Caribbean and finds himself on a curious island.

He finds the mansion of General Zaroff, a Cossack who has a taste for the hunt, and will go to any extreme to keep himself entertained. A War on… Poverty. How do one repressed arsonist, a sexually-charged geriatric, a slimy drug dealer and a soccer mom on steroids combine in the most exciting thing to happen in Williamsville since ?

What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds? Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service …. An awkward teenager, Jamie, is driving home one night from a party when he hits something — something big. His pushy co-worker, Rick, talks him into going back to the scene of the accident… and what they find will change them both forever.

An unexpected tropical storm forces Norman D. Waits to moor his ship at a remote island. There he meets dozens of others who are likewise waiting for better weather before they sail on.

free radio play scripts

Yet, that better weather never seems to come, and setbacks keep on happening…. Season 3 of our apocalyptic saga finds our heroes in a seemingly impossible situation, far from home and with the odds of surviving — let alone thwarting the machinery in Corinth — very low. But, the human spirit endures all, and Luke, Maria, Mar….

Because in the shadows of the City of Corinth, a great evil has unlo…. Fifteen years after the fallout of a massive energy crisis, steadfast homesteaders in rural Maine slog through an off-grid life. This bucolic existence is turned upside down when John Prophet, a soldier still fighting an unwinnable war, arrives wi….

Audio Stories by Genre Adventure and Mystery The Mayan Crystal In the spirit of Mayan folklore, a twelve-year old Belizean girl accidentally invokes the evil spirit of an ancient enemy that threatens to consume the rainforest.

free radio scripts (pdf)

With the help of her ancient ancestors, her sister, and her new friend, a foot boa… Listen to this story.Between the template below and the lesson, you'll be able to work professionally in getting your ideas across to cast, crew and audience. Radio play scripts follow a special format that was developed in the s. It does not look like modern film or TV or radio commercial scripts. Its conventions are well suited to efficient radio drama rehearsal and production.

Other formats will work, but I've found this one to be quick and easy. If you want to see what a radio script looks like, see a HTML rendering of an excerpt from my radio adaptation of Macbeth. The spacing isn't quite right, but it gives you a general idea. Also, the template is in MS Word 6. You may need to load it once then save it in your later Word format.

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That's fine, it doesn't need to stay as an old-style Word file. First read through this page, then download the template and open it in your version of MS Word. A template is a special kind of source document that you load into MS Word.

It contains all the "styles" that allow you to instantly format the various types of cues employed in radio. You could do it yourself with tabs and underlines and capitalization, but the template styles allow you to just type away and get the correct formatting and margins you need.

It saves a great deal of time. This template file is stored in a template directory and can be used as a "model" that you can change and save under a new name. You never really modify the template itself. To use a template, you must store it with your other Word templates.

Then you'll typically go to your Word "File" menu and select "New", then a box pops up listing various templates. You can then change anything in the document to write your own radio script and save it under whatever name you want. My template includes a short sample script that demonstrates the various conventions of radio scripting and formatting.

You just have to replace my writing with your own. The template also includes a toolbar for radio scripting that brings all the styles to one place for easy formatting--or re-formatting of existing scripts. NOTE: If your browser tries to save the file as a.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

By Edward F. By Philip Grecian. Based upon his play and the novel by Charles Dickens. From the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. The prisoners of Leverett Street Jail, Death Warrant Division, await their fates as three of the doomed souls tell their stories, and we enter the mind of a fourth. By Andrew J. Fenady and Duke Fenady. Based on the novella by Andrew J. Based on the novel by Jack London. By Ed Simpson. By Diane Ney. By Nicholas A.

free radio play scripts

Adapted by Philip Grecian. Based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Please wait Welcome to Dramatic Publishing!

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Cart No Items in Cart. Toggle navigation Site Navigation. Home Browse Radio Plays.Radio skits include a feel of the old radio shows from back in the day. If you are old enough to remember them then you know that this era was like no other. These are great skits for seniors for senior centers, social gatherings, etc.

free radio play scripts

And here is a list of more of the most popular shows on the radio: Nick Carter, the detective. Most of the popular radio shows were moved to television soon after the development of tv.

In the aftermath of World War II people would depend on the radio for news events and look forward to their favorite shows to take their minds off things. Entertainment was found in a box called a radio. It was a time when families were gathered around their favorite chairs or huddled on the couch together or around there kitchen tables, taking in all that they could gather.

Then later on when most people had at least one car they would tune on the most popular radio shows of all times and listen to them on their car radios as they traveled. That era may be gone for now and just a piece of history.

There are a few websites on the internet now where you can download and listen to these old time radio programs. They are so nostalgic and fun to listen to. We are offering you a new means to bring it back as well. Here you will find skits that you can perform yourself in the same style as those old radio programs.

Always remember though, history has a way of repeating itself. Hope you enjoy the skits for your radio drama. Please see our Terms of Use page for important information on the rules for using our skits and plays.

Radio Skits. Comments We would love your feedback!

Radio Plays

Leave us a comment in the box below. I promise to use it only to send you Skits-O-Mania News. Then Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.Welcome to the Generic Radio Workshop 's online repository of scripts from the Golden Age of Radio: the original and largest collection of radio transcripts on the Internet. As periodic presenters of Old-Time Radio show recreations, we have long sought out scripts from the Golden Age of audio drama.

Roughly speaking, They turn out to be few and far between. Surely every radio thespian didn't drop his or her pages onto the floor to be swept into the trash after the broadcast. And yet, few survive. Which means - if you want to explore OTR further than just listening to the shows themselves - if you want at the source material, you have few options. You can transcribe the shows yourself.

A laborious process - we've done it.

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Or you can scour used bookstores to hunt down year-old books on radio acting in hopes they have a script or two. After years, we've located several dozen. Or you can hang out here. We're simply providing a scholarly resource in the best tradition of the Internet, making more available what once was scarce.

We make no claims to ownership of these materials; they remain, as they should, the copyright of their respective owners. But as the shows themselves have brought pleasure to millions, so we hope do the original scripts themselves. Unheard and unseen for seventy five years, Lady of the Press is an intriguing, entertaining West Coast CBS radio show which follows newspaper reporter Sandra Martin, a modern woman trying to balance her personal life with her working world, Sandra Martin is played by Janet Waldo who went on to fame as the voice of Corliss Archer, Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, and many other characters.

This volume reprints, for the first time, the scripts from the first two dozen original episodes of the series, complete with edits and cuts made by the cast and crew. These Lady of the Press scripts open a window into the World War II home front and will leave you hanging at the end of every episode!

Buy it from Bear Manor Media. The town of Grapevine Texas was a lot like other small 20th-century farm towns. That makes the story of its movie theatres a universal tale Engagingly told, rich in detail, and profusely illustrated. Learn more or Purchase here. Because Radio isn't enough, a new book about moviegoing! Except where noted, contents and presentation are C Generic Radio Workshop.

Individual scripts may be copyrighted by their owners.The program originates from Chicago. The "Mis A rescue vessel has been programmed to protect its occupants Mutual net origination, American Radio Features syndication.

free radio play scripts

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